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  1. Anibal Sanchez could be the Tigers' secret weapon -- out of the bullpen

    Sanchez almost certainly won't be in the Tigers' playoff rotation, should they make it to their fourth consecutive postseason. That doesn't mean he can't contribute. In fact, they could really use his help.

  2. Tigers want to be champs, but they're just not good enough

    We said they would be better at defense; they're not. We said they'd be better on the basepaths; they're not. We said the rotation was the game's best; it's not.

  3. Tigers hurting without Jose Iglesias and his magic mitt

    We knew the loss of shortstop Jose Iglesias would hurt the Tigers this year. By mid-April we saw just how much. By the end of August, the pain seems to be becoming too much.

  4. Tigers have the stars, but might not have depth to make a World Series run

    We saw over the weekend the disadvantage of a team without much depth. Friday the Tigers were shellacked, 20-6. On Saturday afternoon, with a starting pitcher who a month ago could be found pitching with the Single A West Michigan Whitecaps, Detroit lost, 12-4.

  5. Tigers' final 40 games to put Brad Ausmus to the test

    The Tigers have played sub-.500 ball since the All-Star break. When they hit they cannot pitch. When they pitch they cannot hit. Sometimes they can do neither. And they keep embarrassing themselves in the field. Well, Brad Ausmus, what do you say to that?

  6. Tigers closer Joe Nathan is only keeping job by default these days

    Nathan has struggled mightily as the Tigers closer this year, but with the injury to newly acquired Joakim Soria and the recent hiccups of Joba Chamberlain, the Tigers don't really have another great option for the job.

  7. Tigers' Justin Verlander can't be counted out yet

    At one point it would have been laughable to consider Verlander as the second-best starter on his own team, let alone the fifth best. Yet statistically or honestly, that's where he finds himself now: behind Max Scherzer, David Price, Anibal Sanchez and yes Rick Porcello.

  8. Tigers should not pay any price in mission to win now

    Four years that any Tigers fan should know the significance of without hesitation are 1935, 1945, 1968 and 1984. Those were the years Detroit celebrated a World Series title.

  9. Hard to say if J.D. Martinez's season with Tigers is a fluke or the real deal

    When any player seemingly comes out of nowhere and finds a fair amount of success, you're left wondering just how long he can keep it up and when he might turn back into a pumpkin.

  10. Tigers can count their blessings, and dollars, with Kinsler in, Fielder out

    The best second baseman in baseball this season plays for the Tigers. And all they had to do to bring him to Detroit was trade away the awful contract of Prince Fielder. Pretty simple, huh?

  11. Tigers should bring back reliever Joaquin Benoit

    It made sense at the time. With a young, flame-throwing reliever ready to take on a bigger role, the Tigers never seemed close to keeping Benoit in Detroit. Now might be a good time to try to make up for what seems like a mistake.

  12. Tigers' highs, lows largely byproducts of Dave Dombrowski's roster decisions

    Love them or hate them -- and with a handful of the franchise's most exciting players in history and more playoff appearances than any generation has ever seen, you should love them -- the Tigers have always been Dombrowski's team.

  13. Tigers have key decisions to make about their below-average defense

    It would be oversimplification to say the results of a game or series ride on how well a team plays in the field, but those little plays all add up. They end rallies. They buy the pitcher a little bit more time on the mound.

  14. Don't worry about rest of Justin Verlander's deal, but do worry about rest of this season

    The Tigers have 150 million reasons to worry about Justin Verlander. That's approximately how many dollars are guaranteed to the former staff ace between now and the end of the 2019 season.

  15. Stats support belief it's past time for Tigers to cut Phil Coke

    If Coke's only problem was ERA, we might be able to forgive him. After all, a bad performance or two can take a long time to counter. ERAs climb fast and fall ...

  16. Tigers not likely to keep up current pace, but 100-win season is plausible

    Five teams in Tigers franchise history have won 100 or more games. The last two times that has occurred, 104 wins in 1984 and 103 wins in 1968, Detroit has ...

  17. Remarkable hitting skills make Tigers' Victor Martinez must-keep player for '15

    The Tigers don't have much choice. They simply must find a way to keep Victor Martinez in Detroit for another few years. He's too good a hitter and there are ...

  18. Rick Porcello, Drew Smyly backing up Tigers' decision to trade Doug Fister

    When Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski traded Fister to the Nationals in December, he left people wondering just how a team with World ...

  19. Kurt Mensching: Tigers' surging Rajai Davis might steal full-time job

    Talk about money well invested. Rajai Davis has been the best free agent addition Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski made this offseason.

  20. Tigers' bullpen might be better than first believed

    Is it possible we've overstated the problem with the Tigers' bullpen a bit? For all the stink and for all the ink, the relief corps may not be quite as bad as ...

  21. Are Tigers' baserunning, defensive gaffes reasons for alarm?

    Some things in the first week of the Tigers' season went according to expectations -- the rotation was phenomenal, the bullpen struggled, the team won a bunch ...

  22. Max Scherzer might have done Tigers huge favor

    The Tigers gave starting pitcher Max Scherzer an opportunity to become an extremely rich man, and he turned it down. The club called its offer 'substantial' ...

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