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  1. Zetterbergs launch foundation charity gala

    She's a glamorous Swedish television star and recording artist. He's a celebrated hockey sensation. On Friday, Emma Andersson Zetterberg and husband Henrik Zetterberg hosted the inaugural Zetterberg Foundation Charity Event.

    • 7:30 PM, Sep. 8, 2014

    Love of bacon raises money to aid kids with cerebral palsy

    They came from all walks of life, some 500 people of various ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, with one intense passion in common love of bacon.

  2. Society confidential: KEM's No. 1 song, album 'coup for Detroit'

    Leave it to the ever so humble Motown recording artist KEM to top the charts with his fourth dynamic studio album and give the credit to everyone else.

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